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The Independence Initiative works with individuals, agencies and the community to facilitate the

long-term rehabilitation of people with a history of drug misuse and also provides support for

their families.


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We work with individuals, their families, partner organisations and the community to enable people to re-build their lives, their self-confidence and their futures. Many of the people we support deal with complex issues that often include substance misuse, mental ill-health, homelessness and involvement in the criminal justice system. We know that these issues are often linked and don’t exist in silos.


Our response is the 1-2-1 model. We believe that people can best be supported to put their lives back on track by focusing on their personal needs, challenges, strengths, connections and opportunities. Our model is designed to make this happen; we offer people scope, space and time to build futures that really reflect their long-term hopes, whilst addressing their immediate realities.


This is often a long journey, but our long-term commitment helps people to improve their wellbeing through a combination of personal support, care, learning and development.


Demand for the services of the Independence Initiative continues to grow,

the number of referrals from key agencies has exceeded our profiling

every year to date, leading to a doubling of active clients and staff members.


The growth has been made possible by our success in moving clients on to

mainstream education, training and employment opportunities.


If you are an agency or organisation, contact us to request a referral form

and a guide on how to complete the form.  


Download a referral form by clicking here.



We are The Independence Initiative .