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The Independence Initiative works with individuals, agencies and the community to facilitate the

long-term rehabilitation of people with a history of drug misuse and also provides support for

their families.


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The Indy Garden

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This is our garden.


Our garden is made up of two parts. It has been built over the past 8 years. Firstly we have our large front lawned area, surrounded by flower beds


This is our main area of concentration as it is the entrance to our building and the most public part of the site. The large lawn is cut once a week in summer and the planting consists mainly of perennials, chosen for their low maintenance and ability to self-seed. This is pretty important as time spent in the garden is often limited to only a few hrs per week.















We are establishing a herb bed near the building entrance.  We currently grow marjoram, chives, rosemary and thyme that'llbe used by clients and residents in their cookery sessions.















Most of the plants have been grown either from cuttings or from seed over the past 8 years.


During autumn and winter 2018 we decided to start again with most of the main beds. We are hoping to completely transform the garden for summer 2019, with colour throughout the season. The main bed has been cleared completely, some flagging added for access, and plants are being grown from cuttings off-site.


Part two of the garden is to the side of the main lawn, at the front of “The Key”, our residential building.


















For many years it was left to go back to nature as a wildlife area, however, in an effort to create a more harmonious space it is now being tended to by the residents themselves. It has seating in the form of a picnic bench and is lined with pots, growing both flowers and a few vegetables.


The garden is tended by some of our residents and as well as providing them with skills it is an important addition to their wellbeing.  Because they are mostly in addiction recovery and are often anxious and nervous it is really important for the garden to provide them with a friendly welcome as well as offering a happy atmosphere.


























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